Skin Effect Heat Tracing & Self Regulating Heat Tracing

If your crude oil application requires temperature regulation, Thermacor’s design engineers will work to provide an optimized solution depending on the distance of the pipeline. Thermacor is highly proficient in manufacturing piping systems that work in conjunction with Skin Effect Heat Tracing systems, and/or Self-Regulating Heater Cables. For more information on pre-insulated oil pipelines, or Skin Effect and Self-Regulating Cable systems, please contact: Clint Riggin; Matt Theilken;...Read More

Solutions for Onshore Aboveground and Belowground Oil Applications

Thermacor manufactures watertight and thermally efficient solutions for transporting crude oil for both midstream and refinery applications. Our product consists of a coated steel carrier pipe, highly efficient polyurethane foam insulation, and a .250” high density polyethylene jacketing that is perfect for trench, and horizontal directional drilling installations. Aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel jacketing are also options for aboveground...Read More


There is currently not a pre-insulated piping standard in the United States. The lack of standard gives each manufacturer some leeway in how products our manufactured. This is how some of the smaller manufacturers with less quality control are often perceived as equals to Thermacor by specifying engineers and owners. This lack of standard has forced some owners and engineers to turn to European standards as a...Read More